OneShotMarinade Inspired Recipes

We would like to share some OneShotMarinade inspired recipes that we have cooked, tasted, and found amazing to eat.

Hopefully the following guidance will enable you to grant a new lease of life to your cooking or allow you to bring a new original authentic Caribbean flavour to your food.


The following meal recipes only require a few ingredients, very easy to follow, and straightforward to perform.

Chicken and Potatoes

A very tasty chicken, roast potatoes and salad meal, infused with OneShotMarinade flavour.

55 Seconds Recipes

This section contains our 55 seconds OneShotMarinade inspired recipes, these recipes are very easy to follow, only require a few ingredients, and can be watched in less than 55 seconds.

Chicken Wings

Juicy tasty Chicken Wings infused with OneShotMarinade Pepper Flakes marinade.

Grilled Salmon

Delicious grilled Salmon dish flavoured with OneShotMarinade Dried Onion seasoned marinade.

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