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Ribs & Coleslaw

Grab... Pour... Wait (Marinate)... Cook...

The Beginning of OneShotMarinade Sauce

OneShotMarinade sauce was created whilst holding BBQ events in London Fields, Hackney.

the flavours were incredible and once tasted they became highly sought after.

demand for these sauces was high, bottling these flavours became a way to share these incredible flavours.

this is how the OneShotMarinade sauce  recipes erupted into existence. 

Spencer Fergus

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The “Original” OneShotMarinade sauce flavour. The catalyst for subsequent OneShotMarinade sauces. Like all OneShot Marinade sauces, the Original is vegetarian, vegan friendly, and created using all natural ingredients.
Original OneShotMarinade sauce plastic bottle
Original OneShotMarinade flavouring Chicken & Roasties

Chicken & Roasties

Indulge in succulent roast chicken, tantalising and lovingly marinated with "Original" OneShotMarinade sauce, paired with perfectly crispy roast potatoes. A culinary delight that will leave you craving more!

Taste that flavour!

A Hint of Garlic

A tinge of garlic was enthused into the Original OneShotMarinade sauce to create our A Hint of Garlic inspired sauce.

Enfusing fish with A Hint of Garlic has to be tasted to be believed. The hint of garlic really enhances the flavour of your food!

A Hint of Garlic OneShotMarinade sauce plastic bottle
OneShotMarinade inspired prawn potato and coleslaw meal

Prawns & Rice

Savor the exquisite blend of fluffy rice and succulent prawns with flavours enhanced by A Hint of Garlic OneShotMarinade sauce. A truly delightful dining experience that satisfies the palate completely.

Succulent and Juicy!

Dried Onion

Dried onion flakes added into the Original OneShotMarinade sauce resulted in the creation of  Dried Onion flavoured sauce.

Whether Stir fry, beef, rice, lamb, vegetables, fish, roasted potatoes, pork, steaming, chicken Dried Onion OneShotMarinade sauce takes your taste buds to a new level .

Dried Onion OneShotMarinade sauce plastic bottle
Ribs & Coleslaw

Ribs & Coleslaw

Enjoy crisp delicious coleslaw paired with mouthwatering ribs by OneShotMarinade Dried Onions flavour marinade sauce. A delectable combination that delights your taste buds and leaves you craving more

Bring to Life!

Pepper Flakes

Is your Jerk too hot or are you over powering your cooking with pepper & spices?

Try our Pepper Flakes OneShotMarinade sauce to bring a ‘new’ mild spicy flavour to your food.

Pepper Flakes OneShotMarinade sauce plastic bottle
spicy prawn soup, hot and sour soup, shrimp-2253075.jpg

Spicy Prawns

Savour the zesty flavors of spicy prawns, complimented by the pepper flakes-infused flavour brought out by the OneShotMarinade Pepper Flakes sauce. A delectable and fiery meal that ignites your taste buds with every delightful bite

Nice with Rice!

OneShotMarinade flavours!

Whether adding or seeking new tastes to impress your palate, use our inspiring OneShotMarinade sauce to bring a new dimension to your food! 

Each OneShotMarinade sauces bring a different, appealing and exciting response from your taste buds.

All 4x OneShotMarinade sauces
Chicken & Vegetables dinner

Full on Flavour!

Indulge in a full-flavored meal crafted with an array of mouthwatering marinade sauces. Each delectable dish bursts with rich, savory tastes, satisfying your craving and elevating your dining experience.

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